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I design different ornaments. And I always try to use oriental elements in my work.

Pershe Gallery is her first brand which she tries to globalize it. This brand is all about fashion. Also she has an artistic brand named ‘Armaghan Keshavarz’ and this brand is for art jewelry.

Armaghankeshavarz.com has started since 2020 with artistic jewelry Jewelry design is Armaghan’s passion and she works in this field with love.

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Armaghan was born in 1992, Tehran. 

After graduating in 2014 with her Bachelor in engineering, Armaghan started to pass workshops and seminars and many curses about jewelry design and jewelry making, however she has had a remarkable enthusiasm for art and She started to learn painting, music and handicraft since childhood.  

Armaghan also has started jewelry making and production courses since 2014 to produce a variety of special and conceptual jewelry.


Art is not you see, is what you feel

Armaghan keshavarz


Competitions and art gallery certificates


Competitions and art gallery certificates

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